Investor Symposium – Gold & Uranium
“The Future is Bright”

November 30, 2021 | 9am-3pm | Saskatoon Club

Canadian Mining Companies focused upon exploring & developing critical metals within Canada have a strategic advantage. These advantages include leading-edge technology, extensive experience, and effective capital markets complimented with mining jurisdictions that rank in the top quartile compared to other regions around the globe.

Excellent examples of projects focused upon Gold or Uranium at various stages of development shall be presented by Management & Technical teams at the Investor Symposium entitled:

The Saskatoon Club was purposely selected to host this one-day event, predicated upon the statement released by the Mining Journal Intelligence World Risk Report ranking “Saskatchewan among the very top jurisdictions globally for doing business in the Mining Sector”.

The event includes corporate management & technical representatives providing a clear overview of the projects, value proposition and the resulting impact upon Canadians, the global economy, and benefits for society.

We have included a special edition as part of this symposium. Key industry experts will present their respective views on the Gold & Uranium Markets, ranging from commodity pricing, technological applications, economic impacts, and global trends.

In-Person Interaction
Each Presenting Company shall have a display area for sharing their story and interacting on a “one-on-one” basis with attendees throughout the day.

Who is attending
Guests shall include selected representatives from the investment community, investment advisors, capital funds, accredited & retail investors, along with representatives from the Saskatoon business community.

Why Participate: Both presenting companies and guests have a unique experience to interact, gain insight and learn. Join us for this unique opportunity to develop relationships, exchange ideas between decision-makers & investors in a safe and personal environment.

For additional information or to register a presenter, please contact:

William R. Sattlegger, B.Sc. Hons., P. Geo.
President, CEO & Director
Tel. 1 403 808-3560

Elena O. Deary, B.Sc. Commerce
CFO, Executive VP
Tel. 1 403 608-4689