The team of professionals at i2i Vestcom Advisors Corporation (i2i Vestcom) specializes in a comprehensive suite of services to clients across the equity & financial markets focused upon the resource sector.

Our methodology extends far beyond traditional investor relations and corporate communications with a view towards the strategic positioning of each client. This is accomplished through effective messaging, market engagement, investor awareness and compelling narratives. i2i Vestcom incorporates all available components into each engagement augmented with a narrative that draws in the targeted audience into a dialogue that establishes a relationship that opens the opportunity to align investors with management’s vision and value proposition.

The investment community aspires to understand how their participation contributes towards the resultant benefit to society and the global economy. This is essential in terms of maintaining current and future investors.

The suite of services under the i2i Vestcom portfolio is augmented with key business alliances with strategic partnerships available with each engagement for the benefit and ultimate success of each client.

Why Choose i2i Vestcom?
Targeted audience, engaging narrative, effective implementation.

Resultant Goals:
Raise visibility, expand awareness, increase shareholder value.

For additional information please contact the following:

William R. Sattlegger, B.Sc. Hons., P. Geo.
President, CEO & Director
Tel. 1 403 808-3560

Elena O. Deary, B.Sc. Commerce
CFO, Executive VP
Tel. 1 403 608-4689